Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you want a fun way to teach and learn, then scavenger hunts are the way to go. A scavenger hunt is just a game that in involves following of clues and breadcrumbs until the final treasure is found. There needs to be two or more teams whose participants can be of any number. Then the teams will have challenges for each other where they will lay out a series of riddles whose answer will lead to the final goal. One clue leads to another until they finally solve all of them and by that time, they will have already found the prize. You can go to for great ideas.

Scavenger hunts have existed for quite a while now. They have no age limitation or gender. They can range from simple children games to adult romantic games, or even to extremely hard games where competitors who win get a very handsome reward that is worth their while. There are others who have also used the scavenger hunt technique to create very entertaining television programs and other action movies. This can even be a great  easter egg hunt riddles for adults idea.

Scavenger hunts can fit in any context and in any occasions. If you want to make that birthday, Valentine, Halloween, family gatherings or any other social event be memorable, try including scavenger hunts and you won't regret it. Scavenger hunts can be done anytime, anywhere, in any occasion and with any audience, as long as they are willing. Remember that depending on the audience, the number of clues can be less or vice versa.

Adults might not get the thrill of scavenger hunting, but kids definitely enjoy it. In Easter and Christmas, children can be made to answer a few riddles with their eyes fixed on the final prize. Such activities can make your children happy such that every year they will be looking forward to the holidays with a smile on their faces recalling how fun the last holiday was.

For young couples and other adults, scavenger hunts are recommended to strengthen their relationship. In fact, in some romantic getaway hotels and spas, the management puts in place a scavenger hunt that will see the couples working together and in the end, strengthening their love.

For scavenger hunts to be enjoyable and memorable, they need to be prepared by people who have experience and a lot of creativity. These people must be familiar with the setting of the scavenger hunt to be able to fit the riddles according to context. But the riddles should not be too difficult that those taking part will fail to find the answer. This will make the hunt boring. Here is a fun example of a scavenger hunt: